Portfolio & Client Love

Check out a few of our past projects -
and what clients have said about working with us. 

Portfolio & Client Love

Check out a few of our past projects -
and what clients have said about working with us. 




Jeannene  Lang | JR Photography of NC

Jeannene's Thoughts -

"I can't say enough nice things about working with Justin & Amanda on my website when they re-designed my old site.

They were very responsive, and I loved seeing drafts every step of the way for feedback. And, the process was fast!

They also brought some excellent design suggestions and backend functionality ideas to the process.

My new site gets a lot of compliments and most importantly, receives more hits and contact form fill-outs! I am so happy with it and the increased traffic to my site has paid for the project.

I also love the included maintenance.

Thank you Connect Web Design!”

The Project -

Jeannene is an incredible photographer, but unfortunately her old site just didn't do a good enough job of showing people all of her talents.

So, we had several goals for this site, which you can view at https://jrphotographync.com.

One, create a beautiful site that really 'popped' and gave visitors plenty of examples of her amazing work.  

Two, organize the site in a way that people could see everything she did (from seniors to real estate to branding to products, etc) and then quickly dive into the topic they were interested in.  

And, three, to give visitors a plenty of 'calls to action' so Jeannene could set more appointments and acquire more clients. 

We're happy to report Jeannene is very pleased and is seeing more benefit from her new site than ever before!

By the way, if you're looking for an amazing, hard-working photographer in the triangle, work with her!

Jenn Herman | Instagram For Real Estate Course

Jenn's Thoughts -

“Have you ever been able to go on vacation the day that your course or product launches? Sounds crazy, right? But I did it! All thanks to Justin and Amanda. 

We had done all the work before the launch and I trusted Justin completely with the site functionality working smoothly. 

You hear so many horror stories about course/product launches and the struggle and chaos that go into them. I'm not saying that Justin can prevent all of that from happening But he will certainly make sure that those issues are minimized. 

I've been working in this industry for 8 years and I've never had such a smooth process in developing a course site and launching it. Justin and Amanda handled everything for me - and at a rate that was fair and reasonable!

As an added perk, Justin has been handling the few technical issues that have come in from customers, and I have to tell you, his customer service skills are phenomenal! His professionalism and sympathetic support are beyond anything I've ever experienced with another support team.

If you are looking for someone to help you build a website, build a course, and/or manage your technical components of these business components, I will repeatedly tell you to hire Justin and Amanda.”

The Project -

This project was to build a membership site so that a leading Instagram marketing expert could sell an educational course to real estate professionals.

The site consists of a sales page and then all of the backend pieces required for a membership site:  taking payments, having users select and be able to change their login information, login and logout features, recurring payments, member support, and much more. 

This site does a great job of telling real estate agents how they can benefit from the information she teaches and also does a great job of communicating her credentials and why it's worth their investment to learn these skills. 

The behind-the-scenes course material is very well organized and easy to use.  The feedback from members has been very positive.

The great news is that this site has performed very well and has been a great success.  And, by the way, if you're looking for Instagram information, Jenn is AMAZING!

Tamaey Gottuso | Spiritual Coach and Ascension Guide

Tamaey's Thoughts -

“Finding a team to build a fabulous website is something I've found a bit challenging since 2016. I couldn't find anyone that was talented or reliable, so I paused. Then several months ago a dear friend recommended Justin and Amanda to revamp/rebuild my old site and WOW what a wonderful surprise!

Justin and Amanda are nothing short of amazing. They are SO easy to work with, listen to what I want, and then make the changes with ease and always exceed my expectations.

My new site just went LIVE and I AM so happy and excited about the end product. Justin went above and beyond in more ways than required. In short, he and Amanda FAR exceeded my expectations and I'm confident my new site will help me grow my business like never before.

THANK YOU JUSTIN AND AMANDA for your incredible patience, skill, and talent in helping bring my vision to life. I'm looking forward to working together for a long time to come.”

The Project -

This project was to a site (https://tamaeygottuso.com/) that appealed to Tamaey's target audience and then offered those interested multiple "lead magnets" to begin the relationship process.  

A lead magnet is when you offer a visitor something of value in exchange for their email. This allows you to build a relationship with them, which leads to a growing clientele.

Tamaey offers numerous programs, from one-on-one intensive coaching to group sessions to self-paced study options.  

This new site does a great job of speaking directly to her audience, providing a lot of education, and generating leads for her coaching business. 

Tamaey is a wonderful person, and we loved working with her!

Dr. Kristina Peck | Therapy for Adults & Older Adolescents

Kristina's Thoughts -

“I love my site!

It was great working with Amanda and Justin.  I wasn't sure where to begin, and they walked me through every step of the process.

It looks great and does a great job communicating my therapy approach, who I work with, and my specialties.

Additionally, it's streamlined my appointment process and helps with contact and direction issues. 

Most importantly, I love telling people to check out my site now - which wasn't the case before!

I highly recommend working with Amanda and Justin.”

The Project -

Dr. Peck is a therapist in Charlotte who works with adults and older adolescents.  She specializes in values and mindfulness-based approaches. The site is https://drkristinapeck.com/

In other words, she's very specialized in her approach and who she works for.  Our job was to make a very attractive and easy-to-navigate site that appealed directly to her target audience. 

We wanted to provide numerous resources and education so people could learn more about her approach.  

We also wanted the site to be warm and inviting and start the process of building an emotional connection with the site visitors.

We are happy to report that she's very satisfied with her new site. 

Dr. Peck was wonderful to work with! 

That was just a sampling.  Let us know if you would like to see other examples.

Also, know that we can create pretty much any look you're going for, while of course maintaining the key marketing principles you must have, so please reach out - let's discuss your goals.

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